Keep score

Once you start a round, you will be defaulted to the "scoring" tab to begin play.

The scoring screen features 4 key inputs:

1.  Score  (Mandatory) - After each hole, enter your total amount of strokes, including putts.

2.  Putts (Optional) - If you want to keep putting statistics, after each hole, enter the total amount of putts taken.

3.  Fairway hit (Optional) - If you want to track driving accuracy, after each tee off, indicate whether you hit left, center or right of fairway.

4. Driving distance (Optional) -If you want to track driving distances, after each applicable tee off  (par 4  or above), walk to your ball after your tee shot and "tag" the location.

Locking your score

When you are done entering your score for a given hole, you can "lock in" your inputs by tapping on the green bar.

As well, if you proceed to the next hole, your inputs will be locked in for you.

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