Tips & tricks

Before you play

Charge your iPhone to 50% or more.

This will ensure ample room to complete an 18-hole round with juice to spare.

Adjust your phone settings to suit your preference & playing style.

If you want to avoid interruptions such as calls or texts, consider toggling the "Do Not Disturb" option in your iPhone Settings to ON. 

If you are worried about conserving battery life, considering turning off WIFI and locking your screen after each use.

While you play

When looking up yardages, make sure you have a direct line of sight to the sky.

This is to give your GPS receiver a chance to acquire the best satellite signals it can.

Unlock your phone 30-40 seconds before your next distance will be needed.

This will give your device a chance to properly triangulate your position and provide an accurate GPS reading as you arrive at your ball.

Best practices

·        Keep a paper scorecard handy in case of hardware failure, rain, etc.

·        A battery charger is never a bad idea either.

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