Why won't my GPS work?

If you're not able to access GPS or location info, please do the following:

1. Verify if the course you selected is GPS-enabled.

You can do this by checking to see if the course you are playing has a GPS icon in its listing or profile. If it does, then proceed to step #2. If it doesn't, then this course has not yet been mapped for GPS functionality.

2. Verify to see if "Locations services" and "Foursum GPS" are toggled to "ON" position on your device.

Step 1 - Open  "Settings" 


Step 2Select "Privacy"


Step 3 - Select "Location Services"


Step 4 - Make sure "Location Services" is set to "ON"

Scroll through the list of apps, and look for "Foursum"

Make sure "Foursum" is set to "ON"


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